A downloadable game for Windows

BallisticNG is a free anti-gravity racing game. You can play as a variety of tems competing in the 2159 Anti-Gravity League, each with their own unique vehicles. Visually the game emulates the limitations of the Playstation One hardware and a lot of care has been made into making sure it looks authentic while including more modern graphic techniques. The game has 5 different speed classes for different skill sets, starting off easy and becoming brutally hard in the higher classe


  • 14 tracks in different locations
  • 13 teams setup for different play styles
  • 5 gamemodes - Arcade, Time Trial, Free Play, Tournament and Survival
  • Modding Tools - Track Editor, Ship Editor and Custom Sounds
  • Cockpit view
  • A soundtrack full of songs inspired by electronic music from the 90s

Welcome to BallisticNG. Buckle up, pilots.


BallisticNG (Non-Steam)
BallisticNG DLC - 2097 Anniversary